Merry Quilting

About IntelliQuilter

The IntelliQuilter (IQ) is a computer guidance system for longarm and midarm quilting machines.  It is an after-market add-on that does not replace any existing parts of the quilting machine.  IQ consists of two motors that drive the machine head, and a tablet PC running the IQ software on a Linux platform.  There are no additional cables, pulleys, wires, etc on the longarm table.  It is, quite simply, the most sophisticated and technologically advanced computer guidance system available for longarm quilters.

Learning More About IQ

There are several resources available to help as you research the IQ: The Official IQ website The IQ wiki, containing articles about IQ IQ Yahoo group, open to everyone Contains videos about how to use IQ

Purchasing IQ

  • Once you've decided to purchase the IQ, send us an email or call to place your order: cristyn at merryquilting dot com, 832-567-4241
  • Typically it takes 3-4 weeks to get the IQ in your hands and installed on your machine.
  • Installation usually takes 6-8 hours, including training.  While Carl does the installation, Cristyn trains the quilter on how to use the IQ software.  Once Carl is done, Cristyn then trains the quilter in the use of the IQ on the machine.

IQ Classes

After you've had your IQ for a little while, if you decide you'd like extra training, contact Cristyn for classes.  She will travel to teach, and will take as many students at once as you'd like, to help keep expenses down.

Exciting new IQ software updates:

  • Path Pattern: the ability to assign a path for any pattern to follow.
  • Computer Art: computer generated graphics to quilt!  This is very exciting, as we now have a Baptist Fan generator, Fancy Star generator, Spiral generators, and Spirograph generators
  • Spiraling Echo: the ability to echo any shape in a spiraling fashion

ALL software updates are FREE with IQ!  Software updates are available via internet download and USB transfer to the IQ tablet.